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“My house is still smiling and gentle wafts of music are still bouncing around from a stellar concert yesterday by Ken Gaines. He had us in the palm of his hand from the get-go and never let go until he climbed into his van and drove away. ”

—Julia Sulsar, House Concerts in the Arbors

“A singer/songwriter with a beautifully clear voice and articulate guitar accompaniment, Ken has played and studied a lot of music, but it’s obvious that he’s also studied himself and his craft and is committed to finding what’s original and at the same time, universal in his experiences.”

—Max Biedenharn, Mississippi Coast Magazine

"He's incredible. I don't mean, 'gosh he's pretty good'...I mean he's INCREDIBLE!  When you hear his buttery voice slide through song after song of the most original stuff you've laid ears on, you'll thank us for the turn on." 

—Jinelle Boyd, Founder

"I've said this before and I'll say it again, and I'll keep saying it until someone who can do something hears me. Ken Gaines is the best ballad writer in Texas today! And, when you hear him perform with Wayne Wilkerson on guitar it hits you right in the heart...You'll'll see."

 —Darrell Harkins, Dateline Texas for the Roots Music Report

“Ken’s music brings an audience up…Strong guitar playing and overflowing charisma allow Gaines to own the stage and he shares himself with his audience…I went away singing…”

—Kathleen Hudson, "Texas Heritage Music Series", Kerrville Daily Times

"If the world had any inkling of how good Ken Gaines really is, he'd be playing the big places and we wouldn't be able to have him here. So we keep him our secret and get him here as often as possible. Take a bunch of powerful and compelling original songs, (we're talking high protein stuff), add a big soaring tenor that raises goose bumps, then blend in his strong and supple guitar work. Finally mix in a big helping of the great Wayne Wilkerson's truly amazing lead guitar, and you will not want these guys to ever stop." 

—Tom Noe, Acoustic Concert Tours

"Imagine the voice of Bing Crosby and Jim Morrison: imagine their voices singing as one. Then imagine that voice in one body. Your imagination has just created Ken Gaines." 

— John Davis, Walden Coffee House, San Antonio